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Lubricants etc.

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 Penis Power Cream Code:x029
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Just rub the cream into the penis. The heat inducing agent will expand the veins making blood flow easier leading to bigger and better erections.

 Largo cream Code:129
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Inverma Largo cream

 Pau Yuen Tong Code:X413
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An oriental cream to keep you going for longer. Takes about 15 minutes to work, Do not use too much until you can judge the effect

 Silicone Moist Lube 120 ML Code:PD9706-00
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Moist silicone formula is a crystal clear, non irritating, friction-free lubricant. It will not stain and is easily removed with water. This product is latex and condom compatible. 120ML

 Ladies Orgasmus Cream Code:x068
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Increases the orgasm experience by sensitizing the clitoris before any sexual activity. May be used with sex toys or your partner for bigger, better orgasms.

 Cleanatoy Code:x038
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Keeps your sex toys clean and hygenic. To keep your toys in tip-top condition, always clean after use and remove the batteries before storing away.

 Black King Size Vinyl sheet Code:02504650000
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This black vinyl sheet protects all surfaces(carpets, pillows, matresses) when you want things to get messy! 200 cm x 230cm. Clean with damp cloth - not machine-washable.

 VIAPRO V-PRO Enhancement Pill 2 Pack Code:VIAPRO2
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V-Pro 2 Capsules 597mg. V-Pro is the revolutionary sexual stimulant designed to help increase sexual stamina and arousal. What makes V-Pro so powerful is the unique blend of ingredients.

 Enlargo Development Cream Code:ENLARGO
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For external use only. A small quantity of the cream should be applied with gentle massage along the length of the penis twice daily for best results. Always patch test creams on the inside of your forearm to check for allergic reaction before use.

 Purple King Size Vinyl Sheet Code:28600404091
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This purple vinyl sheet protects all surfaces(carpets, pillows, matresses) when you want things to get messy! 200 cm x 230cm

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